Bainbridge, GA and San Marcos, Texas in the T-6

Six months at Bainbridge for 130 hours flying the T-6 Texan. This was the first airplane we flew, and it was a lot of airplane for a novice, a low wing monoplane with a 550 hp engine. The second part was 3 months at San Marcos, TX for another 70 hours in T-6s.



Waco, Texas in the T-33

Three months at Waco, TX for 70 hrs. in the Jet-powered T-33. We were on our own except for check flights to rate our progression and dual instruction for such things as our first spins, formation, and instrument flights. We received our wings on 1 July 1953.




Perrin AFB, Texas in the F-86D all weather fighter

Three months at Perrin AFB for instrument school and a check out in the F-86D.



Pilot in Training to Fighter Pilot

Aircraft Flown: T-6, T-33, and F-86D

Hours Flown: Approximately 300 hours flying time, including 25 hours in the F-86, had been completed upon being assigned to my first operational assignment.

First Assignment: McGuire AFB, NJ. The 26th Air Division,4709th Air Defense Wing, 2nd Fighter Interceptor Squadron (FIS).





Gayle and Darlene at Baimbridge, GA - 1952