Lt. Colonel Corbett back from Vietnam 1967

Presented the Bronze Star, Oak Leaf cluster for the DFC, Oak Leaf for the Air Medal


To the Pentagon

January 2, 1967

I returned to the USA and was assigned to the Pentagon as a program element monitor (PEM) in the reconnaissance and electronics warfare division (AFRDR). Although I went to the Pentagon very reluctantly and even volunteered to return to VN (which was denied) I found after a year or so that I was a pretty good staff officer. My job was to monitor advanced tactical reconnaissance equipment and obtain money for development. It involved cameras, including infrared, laser, side looking radar, and other classified equipment. I found that I did quite well at obtaining funding. There were some interesting field trips such as attending the SR71 staff officers course at Beale AFB, and going to my old Navy squadron, VX4, where they let me fly one of their F-4s and participate in testing one of the systems I was responsible for developing.


Colonel Richard Corbett

I was promoted to colonel on November, 1970.


Aircraft Flown

T-39, T-33