Chief of the Military Advisory Assistance Group

We arrived in Brazil the first week of January 1974. I held the title of Chief of the Military Advisory Assistance Group (MAAG) which had oversight of our Air Force assistance to Brazil (F-5, etc.). It was a fun assignment. The Brazilians are super people.





Joint Brazil US Military Comission

My job was assisting the Brazilians in their acquisition  of American military products such as parts, etc..  They were buying some F-5s and C-130s from us. My other job was vice commander of the USAF Section of JBUSMC (Joint Brazil US Military Commission).  My boss for that was Brig Gen La Salle.  My first job was directly under USAF Headquarters.  So I had two bosses.

I traveled around Brazil in our C131 aircraft visiting several of their Air Bases in my dual capacity.

The Brazilians are very family oriented and our USAF encouraged our cooperation with their “feelings”. Therefore, I occasionally took my wife with me when I was flying our C131 on trips to visit a Brazilian base. It was great. My wife was treated royally by the Base Commander and his wife. We normally stayed with them in their quarters.


I retired from the Air Force on September 1, 1975




Aircraft Flown

Bandeirante, T-25, C-131, S-2